Window Blinds Stevenage

Stevenage is a growing town in Hertfordshire with a lot of new house construction in the area. Many new homeowners opt for window blinds stevenage town is supplied by leading blind company Impact Interiors.

New homes are often unfriendly boxes until you make them your home with the addition of furnature and soft furnishings.

In many instances it is a good idea to live in the home for a little while before you commit to the curtains, shutters or blinds that you think will suit each room.

Sometimes, a little while living in the space will highlight advantages or disadvantages of one over and above the other.

Modern window blinds are very different from what you may think of when you think about the old, spring loaded retractable roll up blinds that never worked very well in days of old.

There are many new types of blinds, motorised, voice operated, electric and manual adjustable blinds that are much more easy to use and more reliable than blinds used to be.

New style blinds have clear and patterned bands of material that can be adjusted to provide privacy and light control when desired and allow light in when adjusted to do so.

The blinds on all your windows can be synced to all open and close together, and even to be light sensitive so they automatically close at dusk.

Timber house Building

Timber Frame House Building Gains Ground

House building in the UK is slowly, as changes to tradition generally are, finding that the once niche build of timber frame, is becoming very much mainstream, and latest figures suggest that over a quarter of all houses built last year were of timber frame construction.

Some of the advantages of timber frame construction are plain to any observer, the foremost being the speed with which the houses can be erected. The casual observer can see that once Continue reading “Timber house Building”

Services For Schools

Third Party Schools Service Provision

UK Schools are increasingly drawing on third party schools services providers for different areas of their curriculum provision, especially for lower and primary schools.

These services include;

  • School Hours Learning PE Support
  • Out of School Hours Clubs
  • Adventure Challenge Days
  • Residential Camps
  • Assemblies

PE & Sport

High quality sports and PE training is Continue reading “Services For Schools”

Shopping Online

Going Shopping Online

Shopping online is becoming more and more commonplace, as more and more of us go online to find whatever we want. Since an album by Sting, called “Ten Summoner’s Tales” was the one very first item to be securely sold online, just over twenty years ago, people have taken to online shopping in their millions.

The amount spent on online shopping worldwide is now reckoned in hundreds of billions of pounds, and in Britain, in 2016 surveys have revealed that 51% of all purchases were online, rather than in stores.

The huge financial implications have not gone unnoticed by the underworld, which has bred new generations of techno criminals to follow the money trail. There is little point in being a pick pocket on the street if there are no Continue reading “Shopping Online”

Are Paid Backlinks Safe?

How To Buy Paid Backlinks Safely

The internet and search particularly is powered by backlinks. Websites link to other websites, forming ties that act as references for users to find additional related information, suppliers etc.

Each of these links acts as a vote, and depending on how the link is structured, the site its on and the trust and authority it passes, can aid or harm your search engine rankings.

The important point is trust and authority. If a site is connected with bad neighbourhoods, link networks or known spam sites or banned IP addresses then a backlink will have a negative effect on Continue reading “Are Paid Backlinks Safe?”

Cars on Film – Speeding

Cars on Film

It will come as no surprise to hear that speeding (in cars) is the most common motoring offence in Britain today. The fact that it is by far and away the easiest to police, is presumably the reason, though the term “police” is probably more accurately described as “auto-monitored”.

The police are still in occasional evidence at some “speed traps”, or as they are now known “safety enforcement zones”. Hand-held radar or laser guns, and van mounted cameras do patrol some notorious stretches of road, but for the most part the job is now almost fully automated.

It began in 1992 with the Gatso fixed position camera. This radar activated device scans traffic as it Continue reading “Cars on Film – Speeding”