Are Paid Backlinks Safe?

How To Buy Paid Backlinks Safely

The internet and search particularly is powered by backlinks. Websites link to other websites, forming ties that act as references for users to find additional related information, suppliers etc.

Each of these links acts as a vote, and depending on how the link is structured, the site its on and the trust and authority it passes, can aid or harm your search engine rankings.

The important point is trust and authority. If a site is connected with bad neighbourhoods, link networks or known spam sites or banned IP addresses then a backlink will have a negative effect on your rankings.

In fairness, one or two dubious backlinks will in all likelihood not do much harm as Google understands that you don’t always have control over all the links that point to you and so permit a little leeway.

If however you have many links from spam sources then you will be penalised and either be dropped from SERPs or deindexed from Google.

There are safe ways to buy links however and the majority of websites that rank well for the most competitive, highest traffic keywords and search terms use paid linking as it is faster and more cost effective than waiting for or trying to encourage 100% organic linking.

The additional benefit is that the best quality links need to carry optimized ranking signals and these are difficult to obtain organically in volume.

That’s why so many webmasters choose to buy their back-links from reputable optimisation agencies. Buying links at Deeho will give your website the online search exposure you need.

While it is possible to find and build your own organic links that will let you climbonline up Google’s listings, it can take a huge amount of time to identify suitable link locations that will accept your link on their site.

Don’t buy a link from a page that opening advertises selling links….. you will soon be caught….. instead… use a reputable source of high quality, relevant backlinks that will hide your links on quality themed pages which pass relevant link category – try as a good starting point for link building services.

Buying links is more a case of using SEO consultants that already have the contacts you need to shortcut the organic link building process for you.