Services For Schools

Third Party Schools Service Provision

UK Schools are increasingly drawing on third party schools services providers for different areas of their curriculum provision, especially for lower and primary schools.

These services include;

  • School Hours Learning PE Support
  • Out of School Hours Clubs
  • Adventure Challenge Days
  • Residential Camps
  • Assemblies

PE & Sport

High quality sports and PE training is an important part of child learning, and in the past has been overlooked, but well structured sports and physical education classes and lessons are vital to the overall wellbeing and grown of the next generation.

Out of Hours Learning

Out of school hours clubs provide a vital service for many hard working parents. These are often sports based, before school hours, during lunch breaks, and after school hours, offering the high level of sports teaching that encourage pupils to take part and learn new skills.

Some of these can be school paid, while others can be parent funded.

Adventure Challenge

Providing new experiences for children, to broaden their horizons and knowledge. These days can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Residential Camps

Residential camp events are ideal for teaching children about the great outdoors and getting them away from modern tech and into contact with nature and the world around them.


Change4life assemblies are a great way to inspire children to get active and understand the importance of physical activity.